The attention grabbing cloth

What can be more important than catching up with a friend at a cafe? It turns out the answer is “watching the waitress wipe down everything with a cloth”. Now what?

GlitterBug Hand Washing Tip

Glitterbug Hand Washing

Part of the secret of using GlitterBug is to hide what you are actually doing. So when applying GlitterBug Potion, my number one GlitterBug Hand Washing Tip is to tell people that it is a hand moisturiser. Not only do people know how to rub on a hand moisturiser, they also do a very thorough […]

Hand washing Gangnam-style

It appears that I am behind the times when it comes to hand washing Gangnam-style. There’s now a number of videos on Youtube for hand washing Gangnam-style. They are well worth watching and sharing. Handwashing Gangnam Style – NHS Style This is my pick of the lot in terms of professionalism, but then it’s about […]

New phone number – 1300 30 33 34

New phone number We now have a new phone number – 1300 30 33 34. We will be keeping the original number (02 9614 6417) connected, but interstate callers may like to benefit from the 1300 number. Support options Also just a quick reminder of the sales and product support options we have. Phone: While […]

Tips on Using Glitterbug

Glitterbug Potion for Hand Washing Training How to use it Rub the Glittebug Potion onto your hands. Wash your hands. Use the UV torch to show where Glitterbug Potion has not been washed off. What are you looking for? You are looking at the places that are glowing. These are the spots where the Glitterbug […]

Hand washing training in restaurants

Hand washing training in restaurants It’s taken time, but it finally appears that hand washing training in restaurants is finally starting to become important. Let me clarify what I mean by important. It’s not “remember to wash your hands after going to the toilet”. It’s not “wash your hands before you start work”. It’s not […]

Glitterbug is not only for Hand Washing Training!

Not all days are the same, and the other day threw up another one of those surprises. I was called by a pest controller who wanted to purchase Glitterbug. I thought that he needed it to display to his employees how to wash their hands correctly after handling the chemicals that they use. I was […]

Hand Hygiene Health Care Training

Over the last couple of years it has become apparent that hand hygiene is of utmost importance in both the food industry and the health care industry. Talking to a nurse educator in the last few weeks, she said “When I was trained as a nurse in the late 1970’s the first thing I was taught […]

Hand Washing Training for Pre-Schools

Last Wednesday, I mused over why Glitterbug hand washing training wasn’t in schools. Today I’m asking why Glitterbug isn’t used more in pre-schools? It is so much fun to use. It beats just trying to tell kids how important it is. Let’s face it, kids (any many adults!) don’t remember information if you just tell it to […]