Hand Washing Training for Pre-Schools

Last Wednesday, I mused over why Glitterbug hand washing training wasn’t in schools. Today I’m asking why Glitterbug isn’t used more in pre-schools?

It is so much fun to use. It beats just trying to tell kids how important it is. Let’s face it, kids (any many adults!) don’t remember information if you just tell it to them – they learn best by memorable experiences. It can be a part of a game, or a contest. It is so quick to do.

In the past, I’ve mixed spaghetti and Glitterbug Potion for a kids group. I then hid some objects in it and made the kids go searching through it. Afterwards I told them that it was something yucky and they had to wash it all off. It was a great activity and got the message across.

So why isn’t Glitterbug hand washing training is preschools right now?

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