Glitterbug Hand Washing

Hand Hygiene Training for Schools

We’ve been selling GlitterBug for a while now, and we still haven’t received a massive order from the education system. I’m can’t understand why this is.

I know that all kids, my own included, are all taught some basic hygiene at school. But what better way is there to train kids on how to wash their hands then with GlitterBug Potion? They should standardise it as a part of the kindergarten syllabus.

How much would it cost? 30 cents per student.

If you’re a part of a school wanting to give GlitterBug a try, you are entitled to a 10% discount if you order before 15th May 2012. Use promotional code glitterbug1 to receive a 10% off any GlitterBug products ordered on this website. Get shopping now.