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How to use GlitterBug

Your students think they already know how to wash their hands, right?

So if it’s your job to teach them about hand hygiene, you’re facing an uphill battle.

GlitterBug products help to teach good hand hygiene by visually demonstrating to students that their current techniques are not effective. This makes it easier for you to teach proper techniques.

We have three products, each with a specific area of hygiene in mind…

Teaching hand washing with GlitterBug Potion

GlitterBug Potion is applied to students’ hands and rubbed in all over, including the wrist. It dries invisible.

When they wash their hands, the GlitterBug Potion will be removed with good handwashing technique.

However, the Potion will still be present on any areas that are missed by the washing, and this will show up under UV light.

Commonly, the palms will be well cleaned, but the finger webbing, nail beds, wrists and edge of the hand will still show leftover Potion.

Use GlitterBug Potion for HAND WASHING Training

Teaching Hand Sanitising with GlitterBug Gel

Hand sanitiser works when germs on the hands are killed by contact with the sanitiser.

Germs that do not come into contact with the sanitiser will not be killed.

GlitterBug Gel is given to the students to rub into their hands as it it was sanitiser. If you want to be sneaky, you can remove the GlitterBug label and tell them it is sanitiser.

The GlitterBug Gel dries invisible. The UV light will show areas that have not been touched by the Gel. These typically include wrists, back of hands, nail beds and finger webbing.

Use GlitterBug Gel for HAND SANITISER Training
How to use GlitterBug Gel

Teaching about Cross Contamination with GlitterBug Powder

If germs were visible, we would be a lot more aware of how easily they can spread. That’s where GlitterBug Powder comes in.

Sprinkle a commonly touched item such as a doorknob, sign-in folder, work surface, etc, with the Powder. It is invisible to the naked eye.

Allow the students to interact with the surface for a while, and then track the spread of the Powder with a UV light. You will find it on clothes, seats, ears, nostrils and everywhere the students have been.

Use GlitterBug Powder for CONTAMINATION Training
How to use GlitterBug Powder

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