Glitterbug is not only for Hand Washing Training!

Not all days are the same, and the other day threw up another one of those surprises.
I was called by a pest controller who wanted to purchase Glitterbug. I thought that he needed it to display to his employees how to wash their hands correctly after handling the chemicals that they use. I was wrong.

It appeared that one of his customers had a problem with rats and could not figure out where they were getting into his premises. He could not track them down. This pest controller had heard about Glitterbug and thought that he could use it to show where the rats had been, and then possibly track them to their point of exit from the building.

After receiving his Glitterbug Lotion, prior to locking up the premises, he placed discrete blobs around the floor where he knew the rats had been. The next morning, before any employees arrived for work, the pest controller went back and using the Glitterbug UV Torch shone it onto the floor and saw all the little foot prints where the rats had scurried across the floor as well as the converging point where they all exited the building. He was also able to see evidence of their trail outside.
The exit point was stopped up and baits laid around it. The owner has no more rat problems.

So Glitterbug Lotion is not only the perfect aid for educating for hand washing, but also a detection product for the movement of rats and mice!