Glitterbug Hand Washing

GlitterBug Hand Washing Tip

Part of the secret of using GlitterBug is to hide what you are actually doing.

So when applying GlitterBug Potion, my number one GlitterBug Hand Washing Tip is to tell people that it is a hand moisturiser. Not only do people know how to rub on a hand moisturiser, they also do a very thorough job every time.

With the GlitterBug Gel, remove the label and leave it on the table. Just tell people it is a hand sanitiser and most people will use it in the usual half-hearted way.

But an interesting application we came across was by cubs who mixed GlitterBug Potion up with spaghetti and hid items in it. The cubs had to put their hands through the spaghetti to retrieve a prize and were then told to go clean their hands. What a perfect way to coat someone’s hands without them being aware of it.

SO what misdirection have you used when using GlitterBug?