Deluxe Kit with Disclosure Unit

For those who regularly use GlitterBug, the deluxe kit is ideal. Including the GlitterBug products, it also includes stickers, posters, a training DVD and much more.

$799.00 inc GST

The GlitterBug Deluxe Kit is designed for trainers who regularly use GlitterBug. The GlitterBug Disclosure Centre provides a fun and effective method to reveal the results.

The GlitterBug Deluxe Kit includes:

  • 2x GlitterBug Potion (240 ml/8oz)
  • 1x GlitterBug GBX Rechargeable Disclosure Centre including
    • 1x Carry Bag
    • 1x GlowBar lamp
    • USB charging cable
  • 1x ‘How to Wash’ poster
  • 2x “I Was Rude To a Germ” sticker sheets
  • 2x Boxes “Germ Buster” Reward Stickers (Box 100)
  • 2x Hand Brushes
  • 1x GlitterBug Champion Medallion