Hygiene training the key to infection control in hospitals and aged care facilities


Around 1 in 10 people admitted to hospital will develop a hospital acquired infection. As antibiotic resistance increases, this number is likely to increase, as well as the rate of mortality from these infections. Everything possible must be done to reduce the transmission of these infection. At the front line of infection control is proper […]

Hand washing and hand sanitising training for nurses


What are the five moments for hand hygiene? In 2009, the World Health Organization (WHO) introduced “The Five Moments of Hand Hygiene” in an attempt to reduce the number of healthcare-related infections. The guidelines were adopted by many organisations and your student. The 5 “moments” are: Before touching a patient Before clean/aseptic procedures After body […]

How to teach hand washing


If your job is to teach people how to wash their hands, you’re going to need some help. The first problem that you’re going to have to overcome is that people think they already know how to wash their hands. So your first step is to show them that they don’t. Using GlitterBug Potion GlitterBug […]

Take care of your hand hygiene, Australia​

Hand Hygiene Australia

Every year, the treatment of hundreds of patients in Australia is complicated by infections contracted during health care. These infections can extend the period of illness, increase the severity of illness, and even cause death. The single most effective method of preventing these infections is proper hand hygiene. What is proper hand hygiene? What is […]

Can I use Glitterbug Gel for hand washing training?

using sanitiser

Why use Glitterbug Gel? Glitterbug Potion is primarily intended for hand sanitiser training. You do this by 2 simple steps: 1. Squirt some on your hands and rub it in 2. Use the UV light to reveal where you have sanitised. The glowing aspect reveals what has been effectively washed. Why use Glitterbug Potion? Glitterbug Potion is primarily intended for […]

Can I use Glitterbug Potion for hand sanitiser training?


Why use Glitterbug Potion? Glitterbug Potion is primarily intended for hand washing training. You do this by 3 simple steps: 1. Squirt some on your hands and rub it in 2. Wash your hands and dry your hands 3. Use the UV light to reveal where you have missed. The glowing aspect reveals what hasn’t been effectively […]

Would your cleaners pass a GlitterBug cleaning audit?

Are your cleaners doing what they are paid to do? Using GlitterBug to audit your cleaners is simple and very effective We recently had a compliance officer from a medical centre contact us about how to perform a cleaning audit. We told her, “GlitterBug, of course!” GlitterBug is invisible to the naked eye, just like […]