GlitterBug on A Current Affair


Professor Mary-Louise McLaws talks about the importance of hand hygiene to stop the spread of coronavirus. A Current Affair March 5, 2020 The concern over COVID-19 led A Current Affair to interview renowned infection control specialist, Professor Mary-Louise McLaws about the right way to wash hands. Prof. McLaws stressed the importance of washing hands for […]

Coronavirus preparation – Glitterbug Discount For GP

GlitterBug for nurse schools

The most effective way to stop the spread of any virus, including carona virus, is good hand hygiene. We are taking this advice seriously and offering 10% off to all GPs to help them implement good hand hygiene practices in the community.

How Schools can stop Coronavirus

Teacher and Hygiene

Whilst increasing cases of Coronavirus are being detected in Australia, students and staff members are returning to their classrooms.

What should school officials be doing to prevent the spread of Coronavirus?

GlitterBug steals the show on ABC’s Ask The Doctor

ABC’s Ask The Doctor recently aired an episode discussing the critical importance of good hand hygiene in the fight against antibiotic-resistant superbugs and used GlitterBug to demonstrate that even scientists don’t know how to wash their hands properly.

Meet Vomiting Larry

Vomiting Larry

The fight against Norovirus has a new hero – but he’s not feeling very well

Show me the science – great articles from the CDC


We are in the business of teaching people how to keep their hands hygienic, but recently we came across a couple of great articles from the CDC on why we should do what we do. Show me the science There are three articles in the series: Why Wash Your Hands How to Wash Your Hands […]

Getting funky for hand hygiene

Getting funky

A music video is a great way to get the hand hygiene message across. We’ve seen a couple of great ones lately. Alfred Health have a great new video out set to the tune of Uptown Funk. And here’s an oldie but a goodie from the staff at the Heritage Village aged care facility. Remember, […]

Hand washing training at school


When kids start going to school, they are exposed to a whole new range of germs. It’s essential that they learn proper hand hygiene to protect themselves from all these new nasties. But how do you teach young kids about the dangers of not washing their hands? GlitterBug Potion provides a fun and memorable hand […]