kids in a classroom

Stopping the spread of disease starts with you

Due to social pressures, sick kids are less and less like to stay at home. How can you protect your class (and yourself) from their infectious friends?

The sick kids are coming.

Sneezing, coughing, runny noses and gummy eyes – all heading for your classroom this winter.

So how can you protect the other kids, and yourself, from the germs?

Hand hygiene is key to protection

Studies have shown that, other than vaccination, the number one key to preventing the spread of disease is good hand hygiene.

But how do you teach little kids when they can’t see the germs?

Easy. You just show them the germs.

GlitterBug is a visual learning tool

The GlitterBug training tools use liquids that are invisible to the naked eye, but which glow under ultra-violet light.

GlitterBug Potion

GlitterBug Handwashing Training cheap

GlitterBug Potion is used to teach hand washing. Kids run it all over their hands. Then you ask them to wash their hands as they normally would.

When they are done, use the UV torch to show them all the places they missed – where the germs are hiding – as these spots will glow.

GlitterBug Gel


GlitterBug Gel is for teaching kids how to use hand sanitiser. Sanitiser only works when it comes in contact with the germs, so the demonstration is slightly different to the Potion.

Get the kids to run the Gel in as if it was sanitiser. Then use the torch to show the areas that aren’t glowing – this is where the germs are still alive.