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GlitterBug Affiliate Marketing Program


Welcome aboard!

The Affiliate Marketing Program is intended to be beneficial to both us and you. When you introduce new customers to GlitterBug products, we get extra sales and you get a percentage of the sales. We promise to deal fairly with you and we will expect you to do the same for us.

We look forward to a lasting relationship.

Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions define the contract between you (the “Affiliate”) and us (OnSolution Pty Ltd). 


GlitterBug – The brand name of a group of training products sold by OnSolution.

GlitterBug web site, the web site – The web site on the domain glitterbug.com.au.

Affiliate – A person who enters into an Affiliate Agreement with us; you.

Affiliate Program, the Program – A scheme whereby the Affiliate can earn commissions for sending visitors to the GlitterBug web site.

Affiliate Agreement – The agreement outlined by these terms and conditions.

Affiliate Link – A unique link to the GlitterBug web site used to track visitors sent by the Affiliate.

Visitor – A person who visits the GlitterBug web site.

Tracked Visit – A browser session initiated by following an Affiliate Link where the visitor’s interaction with the site (including any purchases) is tracked.

Customer – A person who uses the e-commerce section of the GlitterBug web site to buy goods.

Commission – A portion of the purchase price of the GlitterBug products paid to the Affiliate.

Commission Rate – The percentage of the purchase price that is paid to the Affiliate.

We, us, our – OnSolution Pty Ltd.

You, your – The Affiliate.


This Agreement does not create an exclusive agreement between you and us. You are free to promote other products and we are fee to accept other Affiliates.

Conflict of Interest

We do not support Affiliates Links being used to place orders for organisations with which the Affiliate is directly involved, as this may be viewed as a form of corruption. We reserve the right to deem this type of transaction as unsuitable for the Affiliate Program and therefore not applicable for the payment of commissions.

Affiliate Acceptance

After you apply to become an Affiliate, we will review your application and notify you whether you have been accepted to participate in the Affiliate Program, or not.  We may require more information from you before we can make that determination, in which case you may be asked for additional information, identification or certification.

Once accepted into the Program, you will be immediately bound by these Terms and Conditions until such time as the Agreement is cancelled.

Affiliate Rejection

If we reject your application, we will aim to let you know within a reasonable time frame. If we do not notify you of acceptance into the Affiliate Program within thirty (30) days from your application, you may consider your application to have been rejected.

The Affiliate Link

After acceptance as an Affiliate, you will be issued with a unique Affiliate Link that you can advertise according to the following conditions:

Product Reputation

Your advertisement…

  • Must not disparage GlitterBug products or us.
  • Must not make any unfounded claims about GlitterBug products.


Product Pricing

If you show or mention prices, they must accurately represent the product prices that visitors will pay on the web site.

Email Marketing

If advertising your Affiliate Link using email marketing, you must promptly comply with customer’s opt-in, opt-out and unsubscribe requests. All email campaigns must follow anti-spam laws and guidelines.

Tracking the Affiliate Link

The GlitterBug web site uses a third-party commercial Affiliate Marketing plug-in to manage affiliates and track referred visitors.

When visitors arrive at the GlitterBug web site using the Affiliate Link, the web site will store their ID in a cookie saved in the visitor’s browser that will track them during their visit. If they make a purchase during the tracked visit, the web site will be aware that they have come from the Affiliate Link and will add the purchase to the Affiliate’s account. This will allow the system to calculate the commission to be paid. The cookie will expire after seven days.

If the visitor uses the same browser to visit the site and make a purchase any time within those seven days, the purchase will be tracked and credited to the Affiliate. Subsequent visits by the same person will only be tracked and credited to the Affiliate if the customer uses the Affiliate Link again to begin their visit.

A user may clear their cookies at any time or refuse to accept the cookie in the first place. In these cases, their actions cannot be tracked on the site and no commissions can be paid.

Paying Commissions

To receive commission payments, all Affiliates must have a unique PayPal account and must supply us with the email address associated with that account.

This is the only method of payment available under the program.

PayPal accounts can be created for free using the PayPal website. Details of the Affiliate’s PayPal account must be supplied to us before commissions can be paid. If the Affiliate’s PayPal account details change, it is up to the Affiliate to notify us of the changes.

Commission will only be paid on purchases made while during a tracked visit. Subsequent untracked visits by the same customer that result in a sale will not generate commission for the Affiliate.

Commissions will be paid 30 days after the customer’s order has been delivered.

Affiliates will be advised of the commission rate upon joining the program and this rate will remain unchanged unless agreed by both us and you.

Some products may not be eligible for commission payments.

Commissions are paid only on the product component of the purchase and exclude taxes and shipping. 

Refunds and returns

There is a risk for us where an Affiliate and a customer are working together that a customer may purchase a large quantity of goods, wait until the Affiliate has received their commission, and then return the goods for a refund.

To mitigate this risk, there is a clause in our standard Terms and Conditions that states “An optional restocking fee of 25% of the original price may be deducted from a credit note.” If an Affiliate commission has been paid, this clause will be actioned.

If the customer returns purchased items within the 30 day holding period, the commission on those items will be cancelled.

Term and Termination of the Affiliate Agreement

This agreement does not expire; you will remain in the program until you leave or you are terminated.

Termination without Cause: Both you and we may terminate this Agreement on fifteen (15) days written notice to the other party.

Termination with Cause: We may terminate the agreement immediately if:

  • You breach these terms and conditions
  • You act in a way that we believe will negatively reflect on our reputation
  • You engage in behaviour that we deem to be misleading or fraudulent
  • You become the subject of a petition in bankruptcy or any other proceeding relating to insolvency, receivership, liquidation, or assignment for the benefit of creditors

Except in the case where you are terminated for misleading or fraudulent behaviour, commissions will be paid on sales from tracked visits up to 30 days after the date of termination. Sales made after 30 days will not be eligible for commission.

After termination, you should immediately remove your Affiliate Link and all GlitterBug images, logos, and descriptions from all your marketing and promotions.