GlitterBug on A Current Affair

Professor Mary-Louise McLaws talks about the importance of hand hygiene to stop the spread of coronavirus.

A Current Affair March 5, 2020

The concern over COVID-19 led A Current Affair to interview renowned infection control specialist, Professor Mary-Louise McLaws about the right way to wash hands.

Prof. McLaws stressed the importance of washing hands for at least 20 seconds and recommends timing this by singing in your head Happy Birthday, the chorus to Jolene or, perhaps most appropriately, the chorus to the Bee Gees’ Staying Alive.

She noted that people should pay particular attention to nail beds and the webbing between fingers.

To prove her point, Prof. McLaws used GlitterBug Potion to show the interviewer all the places her regular hand washing wasn’t effectively cleaning. 

GlitterBug shows the places that are being missed in your regular hand washing. This makes it easier for instructors to teach effective techniques.

If you need a great visual demonstration to get students involved in hand hygiene training, GlitterBug products are an excellent choice.