GlitterBug steals the show on ABC’s Ask The Doctor

ABC's Ask The Doctor recently aired an episode discussing the critical importance of good hand hygiene in the fight against antibiotic-resistant superbugs and used GlitterBug to demonstrate that even scientists don't know how to wash their hands properly.
Watch the episode on iView (GlitterBug article begins at 12:55)

"Because of my science background, I'm not new to this so I'm feeling pretty confident"

So said ABC presenter, Dr Shalin Naik, as he washed his hands.

He was part of a demonstration to show that most people don’t wash well enough to get the bacteria off their hands and so are subjected to infection via the dreaded “fecal-oral route”.

His confidence highlighted the biggest problem that hygiene trainers face everyday – that everyone thinks they know how to wash their hands already, especially those with a scientific or medical background. To break this misconception, trainers first need to show students that their current techniques are not sufficient.

As you will see in the video, GlitterBug is perfect for this.

Well worth a watch.