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Coronavirus preparation – Glitterbug Discount For GP

The most effective way to stop the spread of any virus, including carona virus, is good hand hygiene. We are taking this advice seriously and offering 10% off to all GPs to help them implement good hand hygiene practices in the community.

There is only one practical thing you can do to reduce the spread of coronavirus

GPs are the first point of contact a patient will have if they suspect they have the coronavirus. They are also the first point of contact for patients with the flu, common cold, and other diseases.

Already face masks are in short supply, and are no longer a viable form of protection for doctors and staff. 

BUT even if they were still available, you are exposing your other patients to the virus.

Isolating patients isn’t an option either. Most practices are short of rooms at the best of times, and there is no way that a room can be reserved for suspected coronavirus cases. 

Even if they are available, is it still worth putting non-infected (but sick) people in the same area, “just in case”. 

And individual waiting rooms per patient is not an option.

There is, however, one very easy solution that GPs should be implementing anyway, that can significantly decrease the spread of the disease.

The simple solution

Good hand hygiene practices are the best way to significantly reduce the spread of many diseases, including the coronavirus. 

All doctors and staff should be trained in effective hand washing techniques, as well as the correct use of hand sanitisers.

We emphasise the word “effective” because most people, even in the medical industry, do not know how to effectively wash their hands. That’s where products like Glitterbug Potion and Glitterbug Gel are essential.

And we are putting our money where our mouth is

We think it is so critical, we are offering every GP and pharmacy a 10% discount on the entire Glitterbug range. Just use the code “DISC10” at the checkout, and 10% will be removed from all products. 

But if you really want to stop viruses...

Have you thought about offering hand hygiene training to your patients, at schools, or even organisations like retirement villages?

It only takes 2 minutes and can be done by admin staff, nurses, or the doctor. 

And we all know that “prevention is better than cure”.

And when flu season kicks in this year, you won’t have as many snuffly noses clogging up the waiting room. Instead you get to focus on the more challenging cases.