Would your cleaners pass a GlitterBug cleaning audit?

Are your cleaners doing what they are paid to do?

Using GlitterBug to audit your cleaners is simple and very effective

We recently had a compliance officer from a medical centre contact us about how to perform a cleaning audit.

We told her, “GlitterBug, of course!”

GlitterBug is invisible to the naked eye, just like bacteria, but it glows under UV light, so it’s perfect to smear on a surface to check if the cleaners are up to scratch.

We decided to do a little demo.

A little dab’ll do.
We gently smeared the GlitterBug potion across an area of the desk
Under the UV light, you can clearly see where the GlitterBug potion has been applied, yet it was completely invisible to the naked eye.
Using just a clean piece of paper towel and no cleaning product, it’s easy to remove the GlitterBug. (Our cleaner’s name is Zorro)

If the GlitterBug is undisturbed, or just perfunctorily wiped like this, you’ll have your cleaning audit result.

If all the GlitterBug is gone, good job cleaners! However, the cleaning towel is now contaminated. If you’re worried about cross-contamination, it would be interesting to shine the UV torch at other surfaces to see if the GlitterBug has spread on the cleaner’s cloth.