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Can I use Glitterbug Gel for hand washing training?

Why use Glitterbug Gel?

Glitterbug Potion is primarily intended for hand sanitiser training.

You do this by 2 simple steps:

1. Squirt some on your hands and rub it in
2. Use the UV light to reveal where you have sanitised.

The glowing aspect reveals what has been effectively washed.


Why use Glitterbug Potion?

Glitterbug Potion is primarily intended for hand washing training.

You do this by 3 simple steps:

1. Squirt some on your hands and rub it in
2. Wash your hands and dry your hands
3. Use the UV light to reveal where you have missed.

The glowing aspect reveals what hasn’t been effectively washed.

Can you use Glitterbug Gel instead of Glitterbug Potion?

If the two are almost identical in how they are used, then can you use just the Glitterbug Gel for both?

In theory you could…


that neglects human psychology

For some reason, people (and even children) are very GOOD at thoroughly rubbing moisturiser on their hands. They even manage to rub it between their fingers and on their wrist. When I do training with the potion, I just have to say “pretend it is moisturiser” for those who are hesitant as to what to do.

It’s just that they are very BAD at washing their hands thoroughly, and hence we use glitterbug potion for hand washing training. It is “easy” to put on, and “hard” to wash off.

And at the same time, people are very BAD at rubbing in hand sanitisers. The reason why Glitterbug Gel works so well for hand sanitiser training is because it looks and feels like an alcohol based sanitiser.

So Glitterbug Gel would fail for hand washing training because student would NOT cover their hands sufficiently in the first place to then test to see if they have actually washed their hands thoroughly.