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The most import lesson they may ever learn

The GlitterBug Range of hand hygiene training products

If you want to teach good hand hygiene, you need GlitterBug

GlitterBug training products make it easy to break bad habits and teach good ones.

The demonstrations are fun and interactive, and suitable for students from kindergarten to nursing homes.

What is GlitterBug?

GlitterBug is a range of products that are virtually invisible in normal light, but which glow under UV light.

If your job is to teach people about hand hygiene, GlitterBug simulates the germs on their hands or other surfaces and makes it easy to visually demonstrate the difference between good hygiene practices and ineffective ones.

GlitterBug Glowing hand

Who uses GlitterBug?

Proper hand hygiene is critical to stop the spread of diseases, bacteria, germs, and other nasties. Despite the importance of hand hygiene, there are still so many people who don’t wash or sanitise their hands properly. The reason? They haven’t been taught how to do it properly, or they think it isn’t so important.

We have the solution! GlitterBug helps you break down students’ preconceptions about hand hygiene and train them how to clean their hands effectively. It’s great for all ages from kindergarten to seniors.

GlitterBug For Schools

GlitterBug in schools and pre-schools

Good hand hygiene is potentially the most important life lesson children can learn at school.

Even after the coronavirus challenge has passed, understanding how germs are spread and how to protect themselves from colds, flu, gastro bugs, and food poisoning will be a tremendous benefit for their whole lives.

GlitterBug for community health

GlitterBug is a fun way to teach hand hygiene in the community. 

Demonstrations can be tailored for any age group, from pre-school to seniors.

GlitterBug for training in community health
GlitterBug for nurse schools

GlitterBug for health care workers

Even people who work around infectious material all the time can become complacent.

GlitterBug provides a stark, visual reminder of the dangers of poor hand hygiene. Potion, Gel and Powder are all useful in health care training.

GlitterBug for food safety

Working with food provides many opportunities for infection. Sick workers handling food can pass infection to customers. And careless food handling can spread food poisoning.

GlitterBug is a valuable tool to teach food safety.

GlitterBug for training in kitchens

It's easy to buy GlitterBug for your organisation

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Glitterbug sells to australian governments departments and schools

We are always happy to accept purchase orders from Federal and State Government Departments, Schools, Hospitals, Training Organisations and Community Groups. In many cases, we will ship on receipt of PO so you get your GlitterBug straight away.

Send orders to [email protected]

How-to-wash-your-hands poster

Download a free How to Wash Your Hands poster

Potion, Gel or Powder?

There are three products in the GlitterBug Range. Which one do you need?

Use GlitterBug Potion for HAND WASHING Training

GlitterBug Potion is for teaching students how to thoroughly wash their hands.

Ask them to rub it in like a moisturiser. After they have washed their hands, the UV torch will generally show glowing Potion left behind on wrists, in nail beds, in finger webbing and so on.

You can then teach them to more effectively wash these commonly missed areas.

Use GlitterBug Gel for HAND SANITISER Training

GlitterBug Gel is for teaching students how to effectively apply hand sanitiser.

Get students to apply the Gel like a sanitiser (you can even remove the label so they think it IS sanitiser). Then use the UV torch to reveal areas that were missed.

This training is ideal for healthcare and childcare workers who use sanitiser constantly. It is important for them to see that every time they use sanitiser incorrectly, they risk spreading infection.

Use GlitterBug Powder for CONTAMINATION Training

GlitterBug Powder is used to demonstrate how germs can be spread from one surface to another.

Sprinkle the nearly invisible Powder on a surface (we often use a tennis ball). After a period of time where students interact with that surface, use the UV torch to reveal all the places to which the Powder has spread.

This is a great way to remind students about cross-contamination.

Free fun Poster download

The secret life of a sneeze

Here’s an awesome video sent to us by one of our customers, QED Environmental Services.

It uses GlitterBug Powder to simulate the germs in a sneeze, and shows how they can spread.

Thanks to Sally at QED for this awesome video.

Play Video
Play Video

Using GlitterBug to show how food poisoning bacteria can spread

Here’s a little video we made that uses GlitterBug Potion to show the dangers of cross contamination in the kitchen.

Feel free to use this demonstration in front of your own class.

Find out more about The Rotten Food Cookbook

St Christopher's deserves a medal

Dr Matthew Malone from Liverpool Hospital took time out of his schedule to visit his son’s kindergarten class at St Christopher’s Public School and demonstrate the dangers of germs and the importance of hand hygiene.

See the article in the Catholic Weekly

Play Video

What if bacteria weren't invisible

This video shows the dangers of cross contamination using a very visible bacteria substitute. But we like to be a bit sneakier.

GlitterBug Powder is great for this demonstration. Sprinkle a little of the invisible powder, then use the UV torch to see how far it spreads. Your students will be amazed!

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