GlitterBug Gel is a new product specifically designed for hand sanitiser training. With the increasing reliance on hand sanitisers within the medical and hospitality industry, correct hand sanitising technique is now just as important as their hand washing technique.

Used with the GlitterBug fluorescent UV torch, it provides an easy, cost effective means of showing just how well an individuals hands have been sanitised.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Ask people to use Glitterbug Gel as if it were a sanitiser (we recommend removing the label)
  2. Put your hands under the revealing UV torch.

Anywhere that glows has been in contact with the gel, and everywhere that isn’t glowing has been missed. If it had been a real sanitiser, only the glowing parts would have been sanitised.

We sell the Gel in our online store for only AU$45.00, plus GST and shipping. (Don’t forget, you also need a UV Torch… we sell those, too)

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