The upcoming season of “Influenza” has been cancelled due to Coronavirus!

As we enter May 2020, strict measures including social distancing and quarantining have put a dampener on everyone’s social lives. Our world seems to be upside-down currently!

No more can we have the boys around for a couple of cold ones, no more can us girls go to the gym and tone our bums.

Dad wants to go to the pub but Son says “No, you’re staying home tonight”, Mum wants to have a quick wine and gossip with Karen, but Daughter says “No way”.

It can feel quite isolating – as some celebrities say, being at home feels like “prison”.


However, there is a bright side to all these constraints that have been put in place!

Compared to 2019, cases of influenza have significantly dropped, especially as the flu season hits where the peak of cases usually happens.


This can be all chalked up to;

  • Us singing “Happy Birthday” as we clean our hands.
  • Walking around with trolleys blocking and defending ourselves from space invaders.
  • And staying at home to binge watch “Friends”, “The Office” and “Seinfeld”. 

Health experts are now wondering if some of these measures should be implemented in future seasons of influenza.

“I think many people are going to be looking back on this and wondering what we can do to do more during the flu season”, says Kim Sampson, chief executive of the Immunisation Coalition.

The take home message for future seasons of influenza is;

If you feel sick, don’t soldier on like those Codral Ads will tell you. Stay at home, rest up and don’t spread the germs.