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This Sunday we will be doing handwashing training at Flower Power Prospect

Our story begins after a good day out in the garden…

After a good day out in the garden getting stuck into some wholesome dirt, the kids come stomping back inside leaving a trail of mud through down the hallway and into the kitchen where they promptly spread the love over cupboards, cups and the tap.

“Go wash your hands” hollers Mum in that loving “you better listen if you want to live” voice and the kids quickly skitter off to the bathroom. Either 5.3 seconds or two days later the little joys re-emerge with hands that don’t look that different from before, but leaving behind evidence that they atleast wiped their hands on the towels, probably before using a tap.

So Mum stands at the doorway blocking access to the kitchen goodies and orders them back into the bathroom to “do it properly”. This time there’s the sound of running water, a bit of rigorous rubbing, and a quick rub on the jeans to dry. And hey presto “look Mum, clean hands”.

But have they really washed their hands properly?

After a day in the mud chances are you will see what they have missed.

But what about the time you are out in the garden handling chemicals, stagnant water, and other microscopic unfriendlies lurking in the garden? Just because your hands look clean doesn’t mean they will be clean. And this is where the risk starts. It’s now too easy to just run your hands under some flowing water for 10 seconds and give them a quick shake. After all, they do look clean.

The problem is that most people don’t actually know how to wash their hands properly, which is kind of odd because we have been doing it all our lives. There are some common areas that people usually miss, like the webbing between our fingers, around the wrist and at the base of the hand.

And these are the parts that then come in contact with chopping boards, food and eating utensils.

If only you could see what you have missed!!!

You can. There’s a great hand washing training product called Glitterbug. You rub it into your hands and then try to wash it out. Then with modern magic (commonly known as a UV torch) it is possible to see all the parts you have missed.

So now hand washing training can be quick and fun. Kids will be amazed at seeing all the places they missed, and you can then easily teach them some simple techniques on how to correctly wash their hands.

But Glitterbug is $45 a bottle, which is fine if you are a school, university, training institution or large company. But if you are a mum or dad with a couple of little ones, it’s hard to justify the cost.

So don’t. Here’s your chance to…

Use Glitterbug for free

This Sunday we will be doing handwashing training at flower power Penrith. We will be there from 11am to 3pm with our portable kitchen sink, Glitterbug potion and a big bug UV torch. It’s a great chance to teach your kids how to wash their hands for free.


Flower Power Prospect- 25 Rowood Dr, Prospect, just next door to the Homebase.

Handwashing Training At Flower Power


Sunday 10th August, 2014 11AM to 3PM

Extra bonus

We will be selling Glitterbug with a 10% discount on the day, so if you are a school, university, training insitution or large company and you want to show off at work, here’s your chance.