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A special offer for families only

GlitterBug Home Kit

With COVID-19 and the flu, the importance of teaching our kids about proper handwashing cannot be overstated. Unfortunately Glitterbug isn't cheap, and so we have put together this heavily discounted kit just for homes. Keep in mind that one kit will easily do over 100 kids, so you can share it with your play group, scout troop, neighbours or sports club!

$99.00 inc GST

That is only $99 delivered

(but for home users only)

This could be the most important thing you ever teach them

We are being bombarded with messages to Wash Your hands, but too many people don’t know how to do it properly.

GlitterBug is an amazing tool for teaching kids about hand washing because they can actually see how well they’re doing.

We believe this lesson is so important, we have dropped the prices on one of our most popular kits to make it more affordable for families.



But why keep it all to yourself...

There is enough Potion in the bottle for more than a hundred lessons. It is something you can share with other families too. Or playgroup. Or class room. Or street.

You might even collaborate on the cost. At $99 it works out to be about 50 cents per child. 

A note to schools, businesses and community groups

We obviously can’t stop you taking advantage of the Home pricing, but we ask that you respect our effort to support home users and play fair by ordering the standard Hand Washing Kit at the regular price. We still need to feed our families and we rely on you for that.

We have teachers and volunteers who are buying Glitterbug out of their own pocket. If that’s you, please use this item. 

If you are a volunteer going into a third world country to teach hand washing, please contact us directly on 02 9614 6417.


Order your Home Kit

This is our contribution to helping slow the spread of COVID-19. We have made this ultra low price to make GlitterBug more affordable for parents and volunteers. Unfortunately we still need to pay our own bills. Times are tough all round, but we ask that businesses play fair and buy one of the other kits. This will allow us to continue to offer this deal to more families and community groups.

If you are purchasing for a school, business or government organisation,
please order the Hand Washing Kit instead