GlitterBug Potion in use

GlitterBug Potion is the most popular way to use GlitterBug. It’s used by trainers all around the world, and gets across one simple message: you’re probably not washing your hands as well as you should.

Used with the GlitterBug fluorescent UV torch, it provides an easy, cost effective means of showing just how well an individuals hands have been washed.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Squirt the lotion onto your hands and rub in thoroughly
  2. Wash your hands as you would do normally
  3. Put your hands under the revealing UV torch.

The remaining potion represents just how much bacteria and germs remains on your hands after washing, even with soap.

If you’re training people in proper hand hygiene, especially for hospitals and schools, GlitterBug Potion is the perfect training aid. It will make your class highly memorable, and gets across the message about hand hygiene like nothing else does.

We sell GlitterBug Potion in our online store for only AU$45.00, plus GST and shipping. (Don’t forget, you also need a UV Torch… we sell those, too)

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