How to teach hand washing

If your job is to teach people how to wash their hands, you’re going to need some help.

The first problem that you’re going to have to overcome is that people think they already know how to wash their hands.

So your first step is to show them that they don’t.

Using GlitterBug Potion

GlitterBug Potion is a fun teaching aid that clearly shows students the parts of their hands that are not being washed properly with their current technique. Here’s how it works:

  1. Have the students rub the GlitterBug potion into their hands. It dries invisibly.
  2. Ask the students to wash their hands as they normally would.
  3. The parts of their hands that were not washed thoroughly will still have GlitterBug Potion, even though they can’t see it. Use a UV light to reveal the remaining GlitterBug Potion.

In this way, you will break down the first hurdle by showing the students that they current techniques are not working.

The second problem to overcome is that people don’t understand the need for proper handwashing.

Here is a great video that demonstrates why it is important in a fun visual manner.

When people can actually see the germs, the concept of cross contamination becomes easier to grasp.

GlitterBug Potion is a terrific visual aid. Your students can see the parts they have missed with their washing and learn to do better.

We also have GlitterBug Powder that acts like the green paint in the video. Sprinkle the invisible power on commonly touches surfaces, such as door knobs, folders or sign-in sheets. Allow the students to interact with the surfaces for a while and then show them the traces of powder on their hands glowing under UV light.